Machine suitable for processing  round, oval, rectangular or square, large and up to 8mm of thickness sheet metal.


Technical features

Maximum diameter:  1600mm
Electric Power : Variabie according of working
Number of units : 4
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The materials can be iron and stainless steel. Usually the trimming and flanging machine is used after other machines for metal sheet deformation, like plate roll machine.

The work-top has an ergonomic shape for 4 units of work. The clamping of the part on the spindle can be obtained with a tailstock or by equipment with expansion system.

The speed and position of the vertical spindle can be managed with the electronics for the execution of holes in the flanges for the sector ventilation.

The loading and unloading can be handled by our automated systems with suckers, while for the discharge of the scrap using shears or using the dishes elevators.

The units of work can be with pneumo-hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic cylinders. In addition, to optimize the changeover times we also provide CNC hydraulic cylinders with axes and proportional valves.


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