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Flanging Machine with horizontal axis for bolier
cod. MABO 600

Flanging machine with horizontal axis with single or dual head. Suitable for machining tubes or cylindrical bodies  with length up to 6000mm and diameters from 100mm up to 1600mm.

Flanging Machine with horizontal axis for bolier
Flanging Machine with horizontal axis for bolier

Technical features

Spindle lock piece by mold clamping expansion.
Quick change system tools.
Machine pneumatic, hydraulic or hydraulic axis controlled.
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Suitable for various sectors like boilers making or fan or grain move on mills.
The spindle with horizontal axis permits a better processing and loading and unloading of the longest pieces. Maximum lenght is 6000mm.

The work-top allows up to 3 units of work for the operations of flanging and beading and turning.
The beading trimming machine is for medium and high production.
Our technical department for this type of machine can make customized solutions for the loading and unloading of parts and type of units that can be applied.


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