PB Engineering, Italian firm, as manufacturer Trimming and beading machine, circular shear, flanging machine, lock seaming machine, curling macchine and ribbing  machine. 

PB Engineering<$--$>PB Engineering<$--$><$--$>PB Engineering<$--$> To meet all requirement there are three great families, each of which developed in a complete series of models to every demand of the market.



1) Trimming, beading, flanging, curling, locking seaming machine type R/R-P, to motorised spindle, for high productions by special expansion system. PB builds machine by pneumatic system or hydraulic system, in the standard versions, to the machining diameters until 5500mm and thickness until 8mm.

2) Trimming, beading, ribbing machine type RCM, they work without expansion tools and suitable for medium or lower production. In this case the customer saving the construction of the special equipment expansion tool and reduce times of set up.

PB Engineering produces trimming-beading machine type RCM, in the standard version, to the workmanship of thickness up to 5mm diameter until 2200mm.

3) Circular shears and flanging machines type MTD, it is suitable for the production of disks or ring. Trimming the conic parts and after one machine setup is possible to make one flange on the perimeter. The final products are cisterns, reservoirs for wine, oil and corn.  PB Engineering produces circular shear type MTD, in the standard version, to the machining of thickness up to 8mm and diameters up to 8000mm.

PB Engineering builds besides special machine and special systems with much automation on client request. Our technical department can built custom machine.
Please if you send us one sketch and the quantity production, we can get an analysis of feasibility and indication of the technologies to resolve every problem.
Moreover it should be remembered that it can carry out retrofitting on beading and trimming machines of some competitor as Omera Company and others.